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 Posted: 10-02-2014 03:06 pm
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Having ironed out most of the main issues with 17607 I'm now down to tuning it up for the best to match my driving style. I'm looking for a little more low end torque.

I am unlikely to drive the car at anything near max rev's in all likelihood most of the time, so looking for it to be optimal at around 3500-4000rpm

I know that the velocity stack length can have a bearing on the torque/ bhp trade off. I've got K&N filters at the moment with 40mm stacks, on Dellorto 40's.

I know there's a formula to calculate the optimum length for a given RPM, but not sure whether I am in the ballpark, or whether longer stacks will increase low end torque (or is it shorter?)

Any thoughts or experiences gratefully received..