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 Posted: 09-28-2014 06:36 pm
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A quick update. Took the servo off and on the bench looked through the valve hole with a torch to see the condition- on one side, the diaphragm was shot. Got a new (old) servo from Rejen on Saturday, replaced the foam filter (perished), cleaned and lubricated the rods, gave the thing a spray over. Installed in this morning and bled the brakes. What a difference. Together with the TR6 master cylinder this thing now has some good stopping power.
Bonus is that now I don't have a vacuum leak every time I touch the brake pedal I was able to balance the carbs and colourtune the mixtures properly as well. Now the engine doesn't rock, and as the 4th cylinder isn't constantly getting leaned out I no longer have any spit back through the Dellorto either.
All in all some good progress...