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 Posted: 09-27-2014 08:26 pm
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I didnt have a whitworth socket, however I do have Metric sockets just for this car. Upon taking the nut off of the stud where i thought the drain plug was nothing happened... So I tried to pull on the stud and noticed it made a squishing sound like it was the plug. Sadly it just wiggled and slowly oozed out oil but not what I wanted. I grabbed a flat heads and stuck it where I saw the rubber grommet, and pried it out. Sadly I noticed why the plug was not functioning as it should... Where the stud sits inside the grommet, there was a tear in the grommet so the stud could now move freely inside the grommet. I knew it was going to cause an issue but i thought what the h... and after draining the oil pan *overflowed my oil catch there was so much... And it looked like it had oil from cooking in it.. Was kinda wierd* i put the plug back in, and what i feared happened. The nut will not screw back into place due to the stud moving freely. Is there anything I can do to replace this without having to special order it anywhere?