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 Posted: 09-26-2014 11:50 pm
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Rick Willard

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I had a change of heart. While I have a ton that I invested in 14011 way back when (mostly recovered through Hagerty after the 2007 engine fire), I decided it was just too much at this point in my life. Instead, I harvested some leftover parts, and am about to put it down for good. That's the sad news, I guess. I hate to see another JH be put down, but it's just too far gone.

The much better news is that I found a real good one to tinker with in the garage, share with my kids/wife, and otherwise...just enjoy for a while before I start doing anything big. The JH pictured here is #15771, and I just bought it in Minnesota on Tuesday and had it shipped here to Colorado. I was blown away to receive the car just a day after I dropped it off at the shipper in MN.

I'll probably "personalize" this one with a 2.2 conversion, a 5-speed, and a Right Hand Drive conversion in the next few years. But for now, this is a real solid original example with 45mm Dell's and a few other goodies. I don't love the bead blasted wheels, but they're growing on me. Hopefully, I have this one the rest of my years and get to pass it along to my kids.

Look forward to connecting with more fellow owners here on the board in the future.


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