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 Posted: 09-24-2014 10:39 pm
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Brett-thanks for the word on venting. It certainly makes sense that the vacuum created must be filled by new air. The previous owner claims to have run it fine on his JH without a vent so I can only imagine that there was a loose clamp somewhere on the filler or something to that effect.

Kurt-I was looking seriously at those alloy tanks on ebay before I discovered this website. Thanks to the numerous posts by members about quality issues, I never considered it again. This is one area I really don't want to mess around; there is no combination like fuel and and an arc from one of those wires in the trunk. I saw recently where the Jorge alloy tanks are now over $500 + shipping. For a comparison, I'll leave with a website link to Axminster Specialist Panels in the UK. I contacted Andy Wiltshire there and with shipping his JH tanks would be around $800.00. But it's a one man operation and I think the quality of his work is evident. Check out his other products-he manufactures alloy bonnets for e-types out of his one-man shop!