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 Posted: 09-24-2014 05:14 pm
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New project started on a rusted out JH VIN 15025. Start date *Sept 23, 2014*
Things to do: This car is in horrible shape. Even Greg said the engine was the worst He had ever seen... It was all gunked up, still had oil in it, still had gas in it, and was left outside with no cover, and no convertible top for what seems like 10+ years. The bottom is not completely rusted out, but is pretty bad, the interior is in worse shape than the engine. The carpet comes apart in my hands... And some of the electronics do the same. The original owner lost the keys and had a lock smith come out. I wouldn't call him a locksmith... He destroyed the ignition cylinder and now I have to buy a new one. It just looks like he took a hack saw to the thing. The cover to one of the cams was left open to, i'm forced to replace those. It's far past the cleaning stage for it. The tires are shot, but the rims are good. The body is surprisingly in really good condition after a nice sanding. Only two dents in the entire car. Not to hard to fix either. Time to get to work! Finishing sanding everything down today so the rust stops eating the car. I don't want to replace anything if I dont have to at this point. But later down the road I will replace it. Wish me luck!