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 Posted: 09-20-2014 04:48 pm
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OK the brakes are now pretty much modern car feel, ok not 4 pot calipers like my BMW but then the JH is a lot lighter so they feel pretty good.
The one issue remaining is the servo/booster. I have attached vacuum gauges to the four Dellorto take-offs in order to balance them, but when I apply the brake, No. 4 vacuum signal drops to zero. This is also the manifold port that the vacuum to the servo/booster is taken from. So although the booster holds a vacuum, there seems to be a leak ONLY when the brake is applied. I am wondering if the rubber around the push rod has failed in some way and I am leaking vacuum at the join with the MC. It can't be the diaphragm internally as the leak would be permanent.
The pushing action of the rod appears to be opening up the leak?