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 Posted: 09-17-2014 03:53 pm
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I have 1974 JH and still haven't decided how to tackle the rear bumper issue. If there is one area of the JH design-regardless of year-that needs new ideas it's in the area of bumpers. My project isn't as far along as yours so I haven'e been thinking about it great detail, but I do have some beliefs about design in general.

I don't think it's an area of the car you would want to draw attention to (or at least you don't want to interrupt the roll of the sheet metal), so it should be discreet. Any kind of fabricated cover should be as thin as possible and likely painted to match. But even then it can looked "tacked on." I think the cleanest, simplest route is rubber grommets. I've used them in the past on small holes (removed a trunk-mounted luggage rack once) and even up high they're not too conspicuous. Finding them in this particular shape could be a challenge but they're probably out there.