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 Posted: 09-17-2014 07:16 am
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Went to Palmdale and inspected the car at Mike Hewitt's shop and just a couple of items still left to complete. Trunk lid needs to be buffed out and a couple of rough spots in the engine compartment need more attention. The new battery shelf needs come cosmetic work and then painted and fastened in place. It will be removable.

I decided to go ahead and paint the bumpers the same color of the car (silver). I have removed the rubber trim and will reattach after I get the car back. I need to get some slight wrinkles out of the stainless top cover and use new hardware to reattach the rubber trim and stainless tops.

Still plan on keeping the rear bumper off the car. I need to come up with a couple of covers for the openings left from the rear bumper brackets that were also remover. See previous photo of the rear of the car. Give me some ideas please.