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 Posted: 09-16-2014 02:00 am
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I can't say I'm familiar with the "chuff' sound you're experiencing, but I did want to comment on the choice of master cylinder. I was looking to replace mine and didn't want to use the TR6 unit-with the 3/4" bore-as I'm attempting a restoration and it just doesn't look right. I had also heard that the Land Rover dual cylinder for the SWB (pre-June '80) is a good substitute but that suppliers had increased the bore to 7/8" (to split the difference between the SWB and LWB). To make matters worse, not a single supplier I contacted in the US could confirm the actual bore diameter of what they were selling! The most authoritative voice I found on the matter was Paul Hunt at PowerTrack Ltd. in the UK, who specialize in obsolete brake parts. They are well acquainted with the JH master cylinder and confirmed that the original bore size is actually 13/16." Paul warned against fitting LR or other masters as there are internal variables beyond just bore diameter. Not to say that what you've found won't work well, but just a word of caution. PowerTrack has the proper seal kits for the originals and I know Martin Robey also sells a professionally rebuilt original on an exchange basis. Best of Luck