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 Posted: 09-12-2014 06:52 pm
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I purchased my first JH over a year ago (#18059) and disassembled it down to the shell for a thorough restoration, including new floor pans and seat rails from Martin Robey (It wasn't supposed to go this far but you know how that can be). I am constantly scanning ebay and Craigslist for parts when on 9/7/2014 I found a blue 1974 (#19451) for sale in Santa Clara, CA. The 14X6 Panasports and factory hardtop alone were worth the asking price. I expected to find a rat's nest but instead stumbled onto a solid, but neglected roadster. The couple had owned it for nearly twenty years (it had been an unfinished father/son project) and were working on a retirement plan that didn't include an unfinished car. I bought it on the spot. I had a wonderful conversation with the wife the next day upon picking it up and she shared what dreams they had for it and the emotions she felt seeing it leave. When she gave me her contact information so I could update her on the progress of the car, I instantly knew that I no longer had any sort of parts car but something I would turn into a regular driver and will likely become my son's car. I've met the nicest people in the Jensen Healey community. I just wanted to share that.