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 Posted: 09-10-2014 01:59 am
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For removal, most people loosen the clamp and pull the distributor out, leaving the clamp attached to the oil pump housing. If that's the case, then the bore of the clamp is almost never in alignment with the bore in the housing, and sliding the distributor back in is nearly impossible.

Remove the clamp from the pump, install it on the distributor, and tighten the pinch bolt. Now the distributor should slide in with relative ease. The O-ring will resist a bit, but it will go.

Push the distributor in until it bottoms out, shaft to shaft... making sure as you go that the hole in the clamp fits over the stud in the pump. Holding inward pressure on the distributor body, grasp the rotor and turn it until the drive dog aligns with the slot and drops in. Depending upon how Murphy's Law is working for you, that may require almost a full turn. Once it drops in the last little bit, install the washer and Nyloc nut on the stud, and tighten it down.

Regroup, and go back after it to set the static timing.