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 Posted: 09-10-2014 01:40 am
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First make sure the clamp that holds the distributor is loose enough for the distributor to seat in the housing...and you will have to make sure the offset bar on the bottom of the dist. shaft is correctly lined up with the shaft in the bottom of the oil pump housing and dist. housing...You can take a little mirror and a flashlight or trouble light and see down in there..remember there is a spring in there, too, if I remember correctly. Once you see where the slot is in the shaft, it will give you a good idea as to how to set the distributor shaft so it will engage...of course you will have to wiggle the shaft a bit..once engaged, it should go in firmly...note there are three, not two o rings on the distributor...most people overlook the large very thin one at the end of the shaft housing in the distributor... The last one is a final seal..and as I wrote, is overlooked or most people are unaware that there is one or should be one there..
Good luck
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