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 Posted: 09-07-2014 11:21 am
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Swapped starters today. My patience with the old Lucas starter was finally worn through when I, due to a slight brain fart, managed to get myself in a situation where I was stuck in stop-and-go traffic with a car running too rich at idle. So naturally it stalled and the Ghost of Lucas reared its ugly head. Starter jammed, pop the bonnet, wait for things to cool down. Needless to say, this was NOT on a dual carriageway...

So I bought a brand new 1.2HP starter from, after the usual squabble with customs (they never seem to be able to spell my name while checking for authorization to process items through customs), I was finally able to pick it up at the local post office.

The old starter before removal

The old and the new

New starter installed

Of course, I was almost able to install the new starter without completely removing the air box, but alas, off it had to come. So the whole operation took 1 hour instead of 30 minutes as originally intended.