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 Posted: 08-30-2014 11:14 pm
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Yes, I ordered the plinth kits as well. All mounted and ready to go.

The original left mirror, with the plinth.  I believe this to be the factory setup.

And the new left side mirror.  Notice that the plinth is slightly larger, and angled a bit more.  Also note the rubber welting around the glass, which was not present on the original mirror.

This was the mirror that was mounted on the right side when I got her.  Notice that there's no plinth, which makes for a basically unusable mirror.  The mirror appears to be the same as the new one I ordered, though.  Pay no attention to the 18 year old reflected in the mirror...

The new right side mirror, with plinth.

Finally they match, they are angled correctly, properly attached, and completely usable.

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