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 Posted: 08-29-2014 09:17 pm
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Update: A piece of rubber was discovered in the rear carb that was preventing the needle from seating. Cleared it and will do a rebuild, including changing the floats on both carbs.

Regarding the check valve, we did a little exploring and discovered the vent line that exits the bottom of the trunk area and the line that goes to the canister are both clogged, and likely have been for a long time. Rather than replace all of those lines, will I be okay just running a new hose from the top of the tank that simply daylights out the bottom of the trunk?

My assumption is that the previous hose, which I had not noticed was cracked open, was allowing the pressure in the tank to escape. When I replaced the cracked hose, this sealed the leak, but due to the clogged vent lines, pressure was able to build in the tank and this forced fuel to the carb which had it's needle held open by the small chunk of rubber.