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 Posted: 08-17-2005 07:58 pm
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For 4-speed cars, the switch is item #28 on the Gearbox Controls drawing.  It's located far forward on the left side of the transmission top cover, and is rather hard to get to.

Troubleshooting is pretty simple.  Power from Fuse #1 runs to the Ignition Fused Junction under the dash, and thence to one of the switch contacts.  The other switch contact connects directly to the sockets for the two backup lights.  The switch should be closed when the gearshift lever is moved into reverse, and open otherwise.

If the switch works fine when removed from the transmission, but not when installed, most often that's because the washer between the switch and the transmission top cover is the wrong thickness.  Occasionally you'll find excessive wear either to the part in the shift linkage that activates the switch, or in the ball in the switch on which the linkage presses, or both -- for which the cure is a thinner washer under the switch.

The attached drawing may help.


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