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 Posted: 08-26-2014 06:25 am
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Been a while since I asked one of my obsessive questions...

Since I've had Ms. Jenavieve, it's bothered me that the exterior mirrors don't match.  The drivers side (LHD) is what I believe to be the original mirror and mounting.  The passenger side mirror was, I assume, added by one of the POs and is similar but not identical (it has a black rubber welt all the way around the glass, the stem is different, and most importantly it doesn't have that angled mounting plinth under the stem).

I'm guessing that the JHs did not come standard with both mirrors, hence the mismatch.  I don't have a preference as to which mirror is better, but I have determined that the passenger side mirror just isn't right without that mounting plinth under it.  Without it, it sits at a very upright angle, and the mirror is partially blocked by the frame of the "vent" window.

How incredibly rare is that mounting plinth?  If I had another, I would just go ahead and use the existing mirror and be happy with it.  Were they used on any other cars, or were they exclusive to the JH?  Are they constructed from unobtanium?

On a side note, it's kinda nice to be able to worry about fiddly little details like this instead of worrying about why she won't run... it's been a very good summer for reliability!