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 Posted: 08-22-2014 03:36 am
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tallyhoe wrote:
I am a new owner of a JH so please be patient. I am looking for direction on the what is the best process to check out the condition of the units. (Snip)...How long have you had the J-H, and did any service history come with the car? Not to beat on it too hard, but do you know when the timing belt was last changed? If you don't know, or if it has been more than 24 months, then make replacing the timing belt job #11. The 907 is not a clearance engine. That means that if the belt breaks or jumps timing, the pistons will wipe out the valves. You don't have to be paranoid about it, but do be smart.

What year is the car? What's the engine number? It's stamped on the top of the block's rear flange, above the starter. Peer down between the firewall and the rear carb.

Do you have the Workshop and Parts manuals? If you don't, get them.

Weber DCOE carbs look like Dellorto DHLAs, and the factory used Dellortos. Are you sure they're Webers?

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