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 Posted: 07-23-2014 09:11 pm
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Oh, gosh..Well, Ron blew his engine...I don't know if it was an oil line or overly stressed and metal fatigue and engine destruction or what . I think he is out of JH Racing...I wanted to get the five speed tranny, bell housing and rear end for the 4 speed one we have here, but he "disposed" of it, he told me....
Those oil lines, like most hoses, are deceptive. They look good, but can be old and brittle. I usually get those steel encased ones from Delta, but wonder if they are any better than the standard replacement hoses. There is a hydraulic hose company n Nashville that often does stuff for me and Mark...they do Caterpillar stuff and the like..but with the proper fittings can put some real tuff lines together. Mark has a JH with early engine (4 speed of course) if you are interested. I know he is not going to work on it and get it on the road and I keep after him to part it out, but he refuses...might be what you need, if you need another "tub"Has most of the stuff with it...just was under a shed for years and is grungy...and does need a bit of body work.... I think the windshield is good, too. If you are interested, I can give you his email.