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 Posted: 07-23-2014 06:02 am
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Yes...the tilt lever on the upper side of the seat back is connected to a cable which pulls a hook on the underside to allow the back to go forward...take a good look under there, on the driver's side it will be on the left side as is the might need a mirror to can with some difficulty manually unhook it and once you have done that you can determine if the cable has broken or come loose or needs adjustment, which you can do, once you get the seat out and see what it going on....and put a bit of penetrating oil in the screw holes that the seats mount to. There is a small square nut that the bolts thread into and they can easily be loosened so they rotate and you cannot get the bolts out...use care and don't force things...those nuts are "captive" and the metal that holds the in place is easily bent...