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 Posted: 08-17-2005 10:23 am
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I have two questions:

 First, I am looking for a good condition front metal bumper. Mine is kinked and likely not repairable, or so I'm told. So, if anyone out there has a decent bumper for sale, please let me know. Or, even a stainless top? I can fix the lower section since it can be filled and sanded.

Second, my car once had the typical Stromberg fire. It didn't damage the engine compartment, but warped the hood, which is now quite " weewaw " above the carb area. Otherwise, the hood is absolutely perfect. I have a second hood, but it has rusted lips and rust in other areas. However, the center section is perfect. So, is it feasible to cut out the center of both and have the good one welded in to the warped hood?

I hate messing with rust, and repairing all the rust areas would likely take as much time, especially since much is on the edges  Please advise, anyone with body work experience.

Thank you kindly,

Norm Vandal

Roxbury, VT