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 Posted: 07-11-2014 11:03 pm
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Wow. That is nothing like I was expecting! 
I guess that I'm missing that attachment plate. It appears that the attachment plate is secured to the soft top frame (along with that spring?) and then in turn the attachment plate is screwed to the captive plate on the car body.
There are 3 tapped holes in the captive plate on my car, this plate has the movement (assumed for adjustment). There is an additional "fixed" threaded hole above the captive plate, but is is in a fixed location.
It appears that your attachment plate is screwed to that top screw hole also!?
I see in the photo the 2 shouldered bolts going through the 2 flat steel brackets of the top. The 3rd bolt holds the spring, I can't understand what the spring is for.
I cant find my Delta Motorsport book to see the exploded view of parts. I'll have to go online and give it a look see.
Thanks for the photo and reply