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 Posted: 07-06-2014 06:08 pm
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Jensen Healey wrote:
Has anyone seen these pistons? This is a 2.0 bored .030 over with what appear to be forged pistons. I'm wishing and hoping that the PO used a HC piston.Lotus OEM pistons would have markings on the crown, like an arrow pointing toward the front of the engine, and A or B grade marks. I see no markings on your pistons. See the attachment for Lotus 9XX piston ID.

Forged JE Pistons that are sold by many Lotus specialists have a "JE" mark on the inside of the piston crown, on the exhaust side of the wrist pin boss. There's no arrow to indicate forward, so it's important to have the JE mark on the exhaust side of the wrist pin.

Attachment: Manual, Workshop, Sec Tech Data, TDA, 1980-87 Engine - 9XX Piston Identification.jpg (Downloaded 99 times)