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 Posted: 07-02-2014 12:14 am
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I finally removed the door handles and locks last night. I had been dreading this project since there is little room to work in this area with my size XL hands.

After searching the forum for clues I found the information in the first post to the Body and Interior forum in 2005.

Step 1: remove "vent" glass and frame. remove the two bolts in the recesses near the top of the door. Then remove the nut that holds the window channel at the bottom of the door. The entire frame and glass can then be pulled up and out.

Next, with the glass in a 2/3rds up position, slide the glass towards the front of the car until it is free from the regulator and remove.

Now the back of the door handle and lock is accessible. Remove the two small bolts on the back of the handle. Then use a small chisel, screwdriver, and pliers to pry off the spring clip holding the rod to the latch. This clip must be mangled to get it off. Now the handle is free.

The lock is held by a sliding spring clip. A little WD-40 helps get it moving. The rod is held by a small metal retainer. With a small screwdriver, gently pry the retainer off the rod and the lock will be free.

With the glass removed I can get my hands into the area. I can also sand off the surface rust inside the door!

Now to remove the latches…

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