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 Posted: 06-19-2014 09:22 pm
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After talking with a few people about it at Jensen East, I decided to do a little investigating on my own.  I have to say I'm quite pleased with the results.
Since I've had Ms. Jenavieve, I had her insured under my regular auto policy with *insert big name with fun TV commercials company here* since it seemed easiest and I just wanted to be sure I was covered for liability reasons.  I never even bothered with collision/comprehensive since I figured that they would have no way to value her anyway and it would be money down the commode.

Anyway, after going through the application process with Hagerty (had to send proof of an insured daily driver vehicle for each driver in the household, and a couple of photos of Ms. Jenavieve) I now have her insured with Hagerty and I can finally rest a little easier knowing that she is covered in the case of an accident.  And it's actually saving me money!

With *big name company* I had:
$250,000/$500,000/$250,000 liability coverage... and that was it.  Nothing to cover me, just the guy I hit. 
$298.00 per year. 

With Hagerty, I now have:
$250,000/$500,000/$250,000 liability coverage
$8000.00 guaranteed value for full collision and comprehensive coverage.
$750.00 spare parts coverage
and a few other goodies.
$132.00 a year.

Bit of a savings, eh?  To be fair, it's not quite as much as it looks like since I only had the coverage on Ms. Jenavieve from April to October (then she gets parked for the winter) but still... taking that into account and figuring half of the $298.00, it's STILL less money for a whole lot more coverage.  It's because the policy is written with the assumption that classic car owners take better care of their cars, don't drive them as much, etc.  Per mile compared to a normal policy, it's probably about the same, but why pay for 18,000 miles a year of driving coverage when I probably drive her less than 2000 miles?

Anyway, not a commercial, just putting this out there for anyone looking for options.