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 Posted: 08-15-2005 04:49 pm
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The hole in the dash is exactly the same as the size you'll find most temperature gauges at the auto parts store - there aren't a giant number of sizes for the things, and the sizes tend to be really large in their differences, so an eyeball guess works just fine - it IS the one that looks like it would fit. :o) I replaced mine with one from Wal Mart of all places.

However, Mark's note about voltage is duly noted as my cheap gauge is VERY persnickety about voltage values and interestingly, it tends to slowly drift to the higher end of the scale as I drive...but if I turn the car off and immediately restart it, it seems to "reset" the gauge and it drops down to a respectable value again - but not before I tend to have that little panic feeling about the rising temperature. I'll likely try a more expensive gauge soon in hope that its electric bits are more trustworthy (I mean, why would it be more expensive after all...), just to keep my mind at ease.