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 Posted: 05-21-2014 07:30 pm
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Further update:

All is well. Gas tank is no longer leaking, and she is deemed roadworthy.

Trunk carpet is in, hood prop is fabricated and installed (though I still need to pull it out to paint it... pics forthcoming when that's done), drivers door is aligned (passenger side is still giving me fits), and I've put about 100 miles on her over the past week just because, well, that's why I worked so hard on her, to enjoy driving her!

Now that the new exhaust is in, on the to-do list is to fix a leaking exhaust manifold issue (you can hear it much better now that the rest of the exhaust is good). After reading through the forum posts on that job, I may just see if I can live with it for now and deal with it next winter, because I don't know if I have enough vino to cover the job.

Otherwise, at this point, all I have left is to try colorsanding and buffing her new paint to see if I can knock some of the orange peel down. I am probably going to have to reshoot the hood and the taillight surround at some point since I didn't do a good enough job of prepping (I didn't block at all) and some of the grinder marks are still apparent through the paint. Lesson learned... block sand EVERYTHING and have lots of light on the subject.

Ready for the Jensen East meet next week!