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 Posted: 05-20-2014 04:41 am
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I have been remiss in updating my progress.  Largely because I have been out having fun with the car.

As mentioned previously, I wanted to recheck the torque on all the suspension replacements I did. As expected, the subframe mounting bolts needed to be tightened a bit. Otherwise everything checked out OK.

I also decided to rebuild my brake master cylinder. Details of that are in the brakes section of the forum. The rebuild went well enough, but when I tried to flush out the brake lines I found out that the rear brake lines were clogged with black rubber. The odd thing about this was that I had just flushed out the lines with no problem just a couple weeks previously when I rebuilt the rear brake cylinders.

It turned out that the rear flex line (probably original) had started to come apart in the 100 miles or so I had driven since working on the rear brakes. My guess is that the more aggressive driving (and braking) I have done since then started giving it problems.

From the outside it still looked perfect, but apparently the insides have been falling to pieces. The brake line from the flex line to the LH rear brake was clogged beyond my ability to clear out. I ended up replacing this one as well as the flex line with modern stainless steel braided hoses. Fortunately the brake cylinders and the solid line between the two rear brakes cleared out OK so I did not have to do anything there.

My engine is also starting to have some run-on after I stop the engine. It always used to do this a little but had not been doing it since my most recent rebuild. I replaced the carbon in the vapor absorption canister hoping that would have some effect (since the old stuff had turned into a solid mass and was probably doing nothing). No noticeable effect, so I am going to have to keep looking.

Otherwise everything is working pretty nicely, so I have been finding excuses to drive it most days. My next planned task is the interior. The padding on the driver seat has collapsed down to about nothing and the vinyl has ripped so the seat has gotten pretty uncomfortable for extended runs. That has got to get fixed.

But even so, it has gotten back to being fun to drive. I was finally confident enough to try accelerating full throttle. The RPM's hit readline in first and second gear just as scary-fast as I remember. There is still a long way to go, but things are looking up.

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