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 Posted: 05-18-2014 03:17 am
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My understanding is that engine coolant temperatures usually run right around the boiling point of water (100C). I think the lack of a thermostat was probably keeping your engine temperature too low most of the time. Does your gas gauge also read high? A common problem is that the voltage stabilizer feeding the gas gauge and engine temperature gauge can stop regulating so the full system voltage goes to the gauges making them read high. Not a serious problem as long as you are aware that the readings are somewhat high.

My guess is that the new reading you got is from somewhat different conditions, like a cooler day, shorter time running at full speed, etc.

Do you have a copper radiator? I notice that some people have been trying to sell aluminum ones claiming that they are better. To put it simply, they are not. But as long as it is in good shape, either one should be adequate. Temperature differences across a radiator are normal. No material has perfect heat conduction.