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 Posted: 05-06-2014 04:25 am
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Whew. Good news for a change. Ms. J is back to running normally. Turned out to be quite the easy fix.

Thanks to Brett and Joachim, I realized that they were right and it was definitely a carb issue. So, this afternoon I did some Web research on Stromberg 175s (which is where my mistaken reference to the vent in the above post came from), and found a few suggestions. I was ready to rip her apart and prepare for a rebuild, when on some Triumph forum someone mentioned that his float got stuck once and he was able to free it with a sharp rap on the bowl with a screwdriver handle.

Tried it when I got home. Instant fix. Not only that, she started easier than she ever has.

My theory, based on a little common sense combined with what I know of carbs and the aforementioned research, is this: because she's been sitting for about 6 weeks with no gas tank and no air filter, all the fuel in the float bowl evaporated. This caused the float to sink to its lowermost point, lower than it would generally get in practice. Because it was a little sticky in there (probably not aided by the K&N oil) it stuck in that bottom position, and when the fuel was reconnected and I tried to run her, the float didn't float back up like it was supposed to. Now that it's free and floating nicely in the fuel, in theory it shouldn't happen again unless the situation were to reoccur (not likely at least for the summer since I intend to be driving her several days a week).

How does that sound to you guys?

Oh btw, turned out I still had the gaskets from the K&N pancake filters, so I just used those to reattach the factory airbox. Not sure why I didn't think of that the first time. And I now realize that the vent is between the 12:00 mounting hole and the throat, not the threaded hole. Not sure how I read that wrong. I've been under a little pressure :-)