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 Posted: 05-05-2014 07:25 am
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Had my sender out this weekend; unfortunately couldn't restore it using WD40- so then decided to open it up (3 tabs need bending up to remove top of can) to further investigate.
It is a simple spring finger that moves against some resistance wire that has been wrapped 100's of times around the board. Really tiny wire, thinner than a hair. The wire had broken away from the stud that takes it to the Faston terminal. Magnifying glass and soldering iron got it going again. While it was apart I also bent the spring finger a little more so it would make good contact. Bench tested with a meter and resistance range was good when I moved the float arm from 'empty' to 'full'.
It was also pretty gunked up in there so cleaned it up before reassembly and refitting.
So far so good...