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 Posted: 05-05-2014 06:57 am
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Running issues, just when I least expected them.

Figured today was the day for the first outing, since Ms. J is mostly complete other than things like trim and bumpers.

So, charged up her battery, put a few gallons of gas in the tank, and started her up.  Well, mostly.

She's running on maybe 3 cylinders from the sound of it.  No power at all, backfiring like crazy.  Fuel is just pouring out of the front carb.  When I pulled the plugs, #3 was pretty much black and gasoline soaked.  And it's weird, because I haven't done much of anything to her since the last time she ran, about a month and a half ago when I took her to the storage unit, and she ran just fine then.

Here's the laundry list of all related evidence.  Between the last time she ran and today, I have:

- removed the K&N pancake filters and reinstalled the original airbox and filter with a new K&N element.  More on this below.

- capped off the unused port on the charcoal canister, which never had been capped.

- had the fuel tank repaired and reinstalled it.

What I did to try to correct:

- It appears that I seriously overoiled the element, which I initially figured was the problem as the engine couldn't breathe.  So, I removed the whole airbox assembly from the car and cleaned it with the K&N cleaner.  While it was soaking, I tried running the car without the any of the airbox assembly installed.  Made no difference.

- pulled and refitted all the plug wires.  Then, pulled the distributor cap and inspected.  All is clean and tight.

- pulled all the plugs and replaced them with new.  No change.

- ran a half can of Seafoam Engine Cleaner (spray) through both carbs.  Made lots of smoke, but didn't solve anything.

- pulled all the plugs again, let them dry (they were soaked in gasoline) and while they were out ran a quick compression check.  From front to back, #1 and #2 were at about 100 while #3 and #4 were about 120.  I've never checked it till now so I don't have a baseline as to what it was before.

I'm stumped.  Like I said, nothing has really changed since the last time she ran.  It sounds like an ignition or timing issue to me (since she seems to be getting plenty of fuel judging from the way it's pouring from the carb and there's no issue of air blockage with the air cleaner removed).  But, I haven't touched anything to do with the ignition or timing.  Next step would be to check for spark at all plugs, which I haven't done yet.

Would (let's use the word "seriously" here) over oiling the K&N element potentially cause such a thing?  Did all that lovely red oil get sucked into the carbs and cause havoc?

The only thing left that I can "undo" from my change list is to pull the cap from the charcoal canister, but I can't believe it would make that much difference.

Ideas?  This seriously throws a wrench into my plans to attend the Jensen East meet this month!