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 Posted: 04-26-2014 05:21 pm
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It seems that my JH ( bought last summer ) gives me more and more issues to solve.

Today We had a hot day ( At least for Denmark:-)
it was 21 deg C app 68 deg F.
i was running the car for a longer time at 80 MPH and noticed that it seemed to get to hot.

hanging the temp gauge to one with numbers on indicated that my cooling water temp would be between 92 and 98 deg C app 197-208 deg F.

I checked my radiator and noticed that it did not get equally hot all over .
The lower left corner ( close to the return Hose) was much colder than the rest of the cooler.
I took of the cooler and tried to soak it in a mild citrus acid solution , but the problem did not disappear.
Then I opened the thermostat housing to check the thermostat , and guess what! No thermostat was mounted.

Reading the different threads tells me that I definitely have to mount a new thermostat with a lower "Splash disc" .

I guess that the thermostat will not solve the problem either, just making the engine warm up faster.

Any Ideas on how to proceed ?