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 Posted: 04-17-2014 01:38 pm
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Hi Farmbroker,
I think I had similar sentiments with my GT - the novelty of fettling the car constantly was starting to be a pain. Advances in technology such a fuel injection and all disc brakes has filtered down and is now almost universal.
In the early eighties I built what was then a high spec 2.2 based on the Sunbeam Lotus rally cars - it put out 217 bhp on a chassis dyno and was great fun but it needed to be looked after constantly. Two years ago the car broke down, in the pouring rain, after completing four hundred miles from the UK, fifty miles from my destination in France. Costs for those last fifty miles would bring tears to your eyes. At that point a decision was made to bring the car up to modern standards of braking, drivability and economy.
I now have 285/22mm discs on the front with 4 pot radial calipers. On the rear I have 253/10mm with 2 pot calipers and cable handbrake. Brakes are excellent. On the engine side all the ancient troublemakers like the 45 DHLA's, Mobelec contact less ignition, and distributor have gone replaced with 48mm Jenvey TB's and a crank triggered ignition - I have no idea what the power output is now but it really feels like a good three litre with a much better spread. Economy, starting, idling and drive ability all greatly improved and the previous temperament in varied weather conditions or temperatures has gone.
All I am suggesting here is that a bit of development along these lines may well be a viable alternative to a engine swap. The 907 is what makes the car what it is.
Best of luck