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 Posted: 04-16-2014 09:52 pm
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As a member of JHPS for almost 10 years and an owner of two JHs continuosly since 1974 I can make the statement that I have been a loyal follower. Having said that and at the risk of purist wrath I have decided to swap an LS engine into my JH.

I do all my wrenching on this baby and at the age of 64 I no longer have the piss and vinegar to keep these engines running as they should. I yern for the dependability and relaibility  of fuel injection and electronic ignition. I want to just jump into my baby turn the key and know it will start and that when I pull out of the dirveway that there is a better chance that I will return under my own power.

I'm not dissing these cars, I love them, otherwise I would not have driven them for 40 years. In fact I met my bride of almost 30 years through the JH I have now. So we will never sell the car as it is a part of the family. My goal is to make it a more enjoyable member of the family.

I have done much research on this subject and am confident that an LS swap can be done without massive modifications. Motor mounts must be fabricated and the oil pan may need modification, but is should fit. I have decided to go with the 4l60e automatic transmission to be more user friendly particularly for my wife. Still a bit vague on the rear end and I would like to convert to rear dics while I'm at it.

I plan on using the power steering pump to run the hyroboost brake system and wonder if I should keep the oil cooler. Might get a dual system and cool the power steering fluid as well or is that overkill?

I would respect the wealth of knowledge on this forum and would appreciate any positive comments you might want to share.