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 Posted: 04-12-2014 07:13 am
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Hi Kurt,

That makes sense:-).

My problem is that I have two set of Pulleys, and I want to find out which they are.
Trying to measure with a dial gauge I get max lift at 106 deg???

I measure the lift of the valve and the angle of the crankshaft close to max lift.
Then I turn the crankshaft until i get the identical lift ( after the max lift of the valve), and read the angle on the degree disk on the Crankshaft. The MOP should then be directly in the middle of the 2 readings.

But 106 ?? it is closer to 104 than 110. but is this way of measuring the MOP accurate enough.
There is no longer colored dots on any of the pulleys

Anyone now of a safe way to identify the Pulleys?