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 Posted: 04-09-2014 08:39 pm
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The only reason I know for connecting the crankcase ventilation to the air box is for pollution control: the blowby gets sent back into the engine to be burned rather than vented to the air. If the rings and valve stems are good, there should be very little. I cannot feel any flow coming out of mine right now, but I still connected it to the air box on general principles. Not that big a deal.

I am also looking to get my gas tank repaired/replaced. I was surprised at how low a price you got. The only local radiator shop that would do mine said it would take about $200 and a week to do all the cleaning, derusting, etc. At your price, the shop may be treating it as a "back burner" project. Or maybe they are dong a very thorough job. I was considering getting an aluminum replacement from Jorge, but the price is now asking on ebay just went through the roof, so I guess it will be a repair job.

I am enjoying seeing what you are doing. It is still going to be months before I get to the repainting stage, but seeing yours makes me hope that I will be able to get mine back to looking good again too, though i doubt it will be as good as what you are doing.