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 Posted: 04-05-2014 07:26 pm
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Hi Barthol,


I will be very interested in hearing how your car goes with the 2.2 conversation.


I too am building a 2.2 with 9.5:1 comp ratio, 45 Delorto's, and have a later lotus head with the ‘E’ spec cams. I have spent the money and everything has been dynamically balanced and due to be put back together after being off the road for more years than I care to mention.


I bought my 2.2 crank from Gary Kemp and speaking to him he said for a road going engine I will be more than happy with it. The guys from Lotusbits in the UK said the ‘E’ spec cams were never fitted to a 2.2 engine and as a minimum I should buy a set of 107's but I am going with Garry’s recommendation as I am looking for drivability and reliability more than anything else.


Please let us know how it runs, good luck.

Cheers Carl