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 Posted: 04-05-2014 01:44 am
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19744 is now street legal!  I finally got the drive train and front suspension good enough to take it to the DMV and get it registered.  I also got the front end aligned and was relieved when everything could be adjusted to within spec.  I always get worried when I do major amounts of work myself, no matter how careful I am.

 Unfortunately, after about 5 miles, the odometer stopped working.  Sigh.  I have been meaning to take out the instrument cluster, but have been putting it off because the wires are all routed behind the braces, so I have to remove everything from the instruments rather than simply disconnect the two plugs.

It turned out that the ratcheting mechanism that turns the odometer got gummed up after sitting so long so the metal worm gear wore down some of the gearing on the plastic gear.  I cleaned out the mechanism with WD-40 and rebuilt the worn gears with epoxy.  (See attached pic).  20 miles so far and it is still working.  Keeping my finger crossed.

While I was in there, I also replaced the (nonfunctioning) voltage stabilizer with a 12V regulator.  The gas gauge still reads high though.  Does anyone know what the proper voltage should be?  Looks like I may have to put in an adjustable regulator and fiddle around until the gas gauge reads right.

Next step is the rear suspension.  Most of the bushings look OK, but at least two need to be replaced.  Should be fun.

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