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 Posted: 04-04-2014 06:51 pm
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Moving the [highlight= #ffff88]headrest takes some effort, or, if things are badly rusted, brute force.  The [highlight= #ffff88]headrest is normally held in position by a roller thing in the seat back, using a springy wire center, that presses against the wider face of the shaft.  The bottom end of the shaft has a thin sheet metal D-shaped spring that protrudes from the side and which is supposed to keep the [highlight= #ffff88]headrest from being pulled all the way out.

I have consulted the above description for removing the head-rests and am still in a fog as to how to remove them. Is there something to press,pull,nudge that I am missing, or is it just a matter of brute force as Mark has suggested, to remove the head-rests?