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 Posted: 04-04-2014 04:02 pm
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Just did some more measuring
I measure the lift of the cams to be 9 mm app 0,359".
The camshafts have no stampings but they have 2 groves in the front indicating E-cams?? ( I believe that the lift of the E cam should be around .340"??

looking on my cam wheels they are reversible with the txt EX and IN in raised text on both sides of the cam wheel. Additionally there is a raised dot on one side of the Cam wheel.
Measuring clockwise from thee keyway to the in -marking I measure 162 deg and the same measurement to the ex mark is 198 deg.

anyone who can clarify what exactly I have , and wether it would be the right choice for my project.

The question I had about the valve clearance was only at which clearance I should use when determening the opening and closing degrees .

have a nice weekend