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 Posted: 04-03-2014 06:02 pm
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Hi Again,

I think that I am getting closer to be a little wiser:-)
Looking through the answer from "Subwoofer" I conclude the following:

Inlet cam: MOP ( Max opening point) of 110 means that the maxvopening point occurs 110 deg. after TDC

Exh.Cam: MOP of 110 means that the max opening point occurs 110 deg before TDC.

Is this correctly understood?

Then some more questions.

Looking on my cam wheels they are reversible and marked ink and exh on both sids, on one side there is also a raised dot in the casting.

Can anyone clarify wether this is 104 or 107 mapping?

My cams are definitely C-cams with the low lift,
I am building a 2,2 ltr engine with 45 mm dellortoes, and app 9,5:1 in CR.

Can I with susses use these cams / cam wheels. or do I need to go for other options.( the car must be torquey and is only used in traffic,- no racing)

Last question. When I measure the opening and closing angles of the valve, what clearance do I need between the Cam and the followers. Normal setting with cold engine or "0" clearance with cold engine??

I know it is a lot of questions , but any help will be highly appreciated as , I want to get the engine as r"Right" as possible the first time.

Thanks lot.