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 Posted: 03-14-2014 06:11 am
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Yes, it's a 2K PPG urethane primer, and the topcoat will be a PPG single stage urethane paint with activator. Most of the old paint had to come off anyway since it was such a badly done overspray, but I hadn't planned on all of it. Oh well. It's off now, at least on the unibody, and it's probably the right way to do it, right?

Primed today, will be topcoating tomorrow (got it up to a nice 82 degrees in my garage).

And yes, the engine is still in place. Basically what I did was to Reynolds Wrap anything I didn't want painted. Works better than paper and tape, just mash it around whatever you're masking. The complete engine bay won't be painted, just down to and including the structural channels about halfway down. I think it'll be ok... not going for show quality, just an improvement (a DPO apparently decided it was a good idea to spray part of the engine compartment black at some point and about half of it peeled  or just wore off). I'll post before/during/after pics when I'm done.

Once all this is done, I can tackle the fenders, doors, and boot/trunk lid, all of which have been removed for some time and will be much easier to work with. The bonnet/hood is already stripped.

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