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 Posted: 02-25-2014 05:19 am
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Feeling sorry for you about the header flange, a real pain to redo (if we are talking head to header flange).

I am guessing that you in certain situation actually experience rich misfires, and as your data suggests you are throwing fuel out the tail pipe rather unnecessarily. The AFRs you experience are rich enough to make fuel wash a problem, where droplets of fuel wash the oil off the cylinder walls and cause liner and ring wear.

By setting up the carbs correctly you can greatly extend the life expectancy of the engine, the reason why even high performance engines of today routinely reach 300k miles instead of 100k miles 30 years ago has very much to do with control of fuel delivery.

I guess no one is complaining when they get longer engine life, better fuel economy and the same or better power - all at the same time!