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 Posted: 02-10-2014 10:00 pm
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Due to the engine being completely apart and rebuilt with a replacement block, the timing has got to be reset from scratch, The two cam sprockets are no problem as the timing marks are present. however the oil pump sprocket has 5 key ways cut into it and is also marked up IN EX. So when the cams sprockets are set for No 1 TDC (IN EX dots aligned) and the bottom pulley is at the TDC position on the timing marks (confirmed with No 1 piston TDC with dial gauge) The distributor drive has to be set to put the rota arm pointing to No 1 on the dissy cap. I've chosen to have the No 1 lead off the dissy cap at bottom left. Just wanted to confirm was the original position even though its not critical.

Picture off the Net not mine.

Thanks R

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