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 Posted: 08-10-2005 11:22 am
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Well, I don't think this thing is going to work out.  I think the prices would just be too high for the average JHer - no offense, to anyone, I'm in that boat too!  I'm getting estimates in the high $300 range and that just seems a little much.  I'd be willing to pay it for a one off for a racing tank, but that might not make sense for everyone else.

I've got another guy I'm going to try next week and see what he estimates. I'll be back!

Oh Dan, good post. RCI's tanks are sold through JEG's as a JEG's brand and are good cells. I have the second one down on the page that I was planning to use in the Jensen, but it just didn't fit too well as I've mentioned in the upper part of the thread. The JH actually has a great tank location after I kept thinking about it - far inboard, right over the axle.  Only thing is weight is high, but I'd rather have it there than hanging out the back where it will get hit. For those that don't want a OEM tank I'd do a RCI or JEG's tank like above, they are good - just have to fab your own place to put them and go from there.


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