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 Posted: 01-16-2014 01:54 am
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The preference now is not to use lead. One, lead and lead fumes are toxic. Yeah it might be in a low dose but why bother. Two, current body fillers have made lead obsolete in most cases. Plus, for the hobbyist, it's trickier to use because you need to heat it and you have to buy special tools to apply the lead properly. Whereas with body filler there are no special tools needed usually.

You are on the right track. Tack weld several spots to help limit movement, sand the metal with 36 - 50 grit, push the filler in the area, shape and let dry. Sand to shape and you should be ready to prime.

If you plan to apply filler to the metal use something like All Metal or Metal to Metal. Made for applying to metal, has good sealing characteristics to help protect from rust and workability. Cover with something like Rage or Rage Gold.

And to Roland: Strange that you haven't seen any lead on your cars. I'm familiar with 7 cars and all of them had lead in the front and back area of the rear fenders.