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 Posted: 01-14-2014 04:40 am
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By the way, an aside... I thought I'd share an organizational idea I came up with during disassembly.

I went and got myself a couple of boxes of Ziploc storage bags, both the quart size and gallon size, a Sharpie, and a pack of index cards. Then, as I remove items, I put them in an appropriate size bag along with an index card stating where they came from. So, as an example, I have a bag with a card labeled "Front Left Fender" which has all the fasteners I removed, along with the side marker light. Another one labeled "Stainless Trim" with the screws from the door trim, the curved trim pieces from the rear of the car, and the little retainer clips for said curved trim pieces. Obviously, the larger parts don't need to be bagged since they are quite apparent as to their identity, but the fasteners that go with them aren't... hence the labeled bags. You get the idea.

I would hope that this will aid immensely in the reassembly portion instead of having a box filled with all the nuts and bolts that came from various places in the car all mixed together.