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 Posted: 11-26-2013 05:49 pm
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While thinking about this vacuum test of the booster, I'm wodering...

I plan to connect the vacuum pump to the hose that will then connect to the booster check valve. After I apply a vacuum load, I will wait to see if it holds. The problem is, how do I know if the vacuum is being held within the booster or if it is simly being held within the hose, between the vacuum pump and the check valve.

Maybe a pressure load within the booster would make more sense in regards to the check valve. But then how do I get the pressure to move past the check valve.

It seems that there needs to be another way to introduce the vacuum load or pressure load into the booster without the check valve being involved. Has anyone made some other sort of connection?

Am I making this test more difficult than it needs to be?